Tuesday 19 November 2013

Orlando And Miami Twin Centre Holidays 2014/2015

Finding a holiday destination that suits everyone in your family or travelling party can be a trying task. This is especially the case with children but it can be difficult for people of all ages. We all like our own things and this may mean that a holiday that is perfect for one person will be unsuitable for other people. There is often the need to compromise when booking a holiday but when booking a twin centre holiday, everyone can get the break that they need and deserve.

One of the most popular twin centre holidays in the world combines the beauty and majesty of Orlando and Miami. Florida has plenty of great attractions but it is inevitable that attention is drawn to theWalt Disney World resort. This makes Florida the ideal destination for families with young children and those who are young at heart. Of course, if there is so much focus on family fun and entertainment that is suitable for children, an Orlando trip can seem a little one paced or aimed at a certain market.

This is where taking a US holiday with a stop-off in Miami can allow everyone to experience the wider range of options afforded by Florida. Miami is an extremely cosmopolitan city, and a trip to this part of the world will live with you for a very long time. If you like to see how the other half live, the luxury and opulence of Miami is going to make this a place that you need to visit. With million dollar homes and the most vibrant nightlife you are likely to find in America, Miami is the place to be if you are looking to have non-stop action.

Miami Beach Resort

Miami is the city of celebrity

When it comes to Miami accommodation, there are few more famous resorts than the Fontainebleau Hotel. One of the most famous hotels in the world, this venue has played host to some of the biggest names in the world. Lovers of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr and the rest of the Rat Pack will adore being in the same venue where the lads developed and honed their reputation. If you take an opposite view on celebrity culture, the hotel was also the inspiration for Neil Young, being the title of one of his songs where he mused on the negative influence that celebrity culture had on the American population in the 1970s. No matter what your outlook on life is, this hotel has been at the heart of Miami life for over half a century and it is a fascinating place to stay.

The hotel itself offers a top quality service but knowing that there is so much history steeped within the walls makes this the natural choice for anyone looking to experience the very best that Miami has to offer. The Fontainebleau is situated directly on Miami Beach but it also offers four pools for all of the family. Miami has a lot to offer but with restaurants and spas, if you ever felt like a lazy day, this resort can provide everything you need.

The Fontainebleau Hotel

If you want to explore Miami but wish to retain the freedom to travel where you like if the mood takes you, a Go Car is likely to be the most attractive tourist option. These cars provide a narrative as you tour around the city and the GPS ensures you always know where you are. So does the Go Car, so you get all the benefits of a tour guide in the comfort of your car! You can travel at your own pace and even take breaks when you want and your tour guide will remain present and ready to provide you with information about your local area.

If you find meeting the needs of everyone in your family or travelling party is difficult, booking a twin centre holiday that combines Orlando and Miami may be the perfect break.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Gulf Coast Florida Holidays 2014/2015

One of the great things about taking a Florida break is that no matter when you come, the climate is going to be warm and welcoming. This has impacted on many of the people that travel to the area and how they make the most of their time in this part of the United States.
As you can imagine, January, February and March are very popular months of the year with respect to taking a break in Florida. Consumer research indicates that Florida is hugely popular in these months with holidaymakers travelling down from Canada. When you consider the climate in Canada in the opening three months of the year, it is very easy to see why permanent sunshine is going to appeal. If a new year starts off in a miserable fashion where you are, taking a trip to Florida to enjoy the beaches of the Gulf Coast could be the perfect antidote to the bad weather blues.
As the year carries on and the rest of the world starts to brighten up, Florida continues to get hotter and warmer. April, May and June provide the perfect chance to enjoy the clear blue skies and warm waters of Florida beaches. With the exception of some of April, these months are out with the traditional school holidays, so Florida is not quite the tourist trap that it becomes when the schools are out for summer. There is no denying that Walt Disney World Resort is a fantastic reason to visit Florida, but it is far from being the only reason. Heading to the Gulf Coast region can provide you with stunning views, a fantastic climate and enough memories to keep you smiling during the rest of the year.

Take a break from the tourist trap

Of course, even when Florida becomes packed with families in July and August 2015, the Gulf Coast will provide you with respite from the popularity of the main tourist spots. Many travellers are combining an Orlando villa break with a week on the Gulf Coast, offering them the perfect combination of entertainment, fun and relaxation on their trip. It can be difficult to meet the needs of everyone in your family but an Orlando villa break twinned with a Gulf Coast break can help everyone to feel as though they’ve had the holiday they were dreaming of. When it comes to finding affordable and stylish accommodation in the Gulf Coast in Florida in 2015, you will not be short of options. There are villa rentals and hotel rentals for a variety of budgets in Anna Maria Island. You will also find a number of high quality apartment options in Cape Coral, Bradenton, Fort Mayers and Sanibel.

There is accommodation to suit your budget, needs and ideas of a perfect holiday

If you think that a hotel would suit your pace of trip, there are plenty of options that stand out. The Inn on Fifth is highly recommended, while Tiki on the Beach or any of the Hampton Inn & Suites in the region will more than look after you and your travelling party. Given the agreeable climate and what is on offer in the Gulf Coast, it is likely that you won’t be spending a lot of time in your hotel apartment. However, it is nice to have a quality pool and a room where you can relax. There are hotel options for every budget and depending on when you travel, there is some exceptional to be found.
Taking a trip to the Gulf Coast can provide you with a different Orlando break than most people are looking for. If your idea of a perfect Summer 2014 Florida holiday involved great weather and plenty of relaxation, this is likely to be a destination that is tailor made for you. No matter the time of year, the Gulf Coast provides the perfect opportunity to receive a warm welcome when you take a break.