Friday 29 August 2014

Hawaii Holidays - The Beliefs and Legends of the Big Island

While on your Hawaii holidays why not learn a bit of Big Islands traditions, beliefs and legends. Every Island you visit will have its legends and mysteries that go along with it. The Big Island of Hawaii is no different. When you take your holiday to Hawaii you should be aware of some of those legends and mysteries to further enjoy the culture that goes along with them. It will provide you a deeper understanding of the Hawaiian people and culture.

Let’s take a look at some of those special legends and beliefs. They just might serve you well and keep you out of harm’s way.

Pele Likes Gin

According to legend, Pele is a big fan of gin. In order to keep you and your family safe from the lava flow and Pele’s anger you should visit the Halem’uma Crater and offer the goddess gifts of food, flowers and gin. Another Pele belief is that if you meet a young woman long flowing hair or an older lady with long white hair then you should greet her with mighty Aloha and offer your help.

Avoid the Night Marcher’s Glare

The night marchers are ghostly apparitions of ancient Hawaiian warriors on their way to do battle. They have been spotted on every Island and are often seen in the Valleys of the Big Island. If you see the night marchers…get out of there and don’t make eye contact or you’ll be forced to march with them for all of eternity.

The Ohia Tree and the Lehua Blossom

Legend says that Pele fell deeply in love with a handsome warrior named, Ohia. She asked him to marry her but Ohia was already pledged and in love with a young woman name Lehua. Pele was outraged and turned Ohia into gnarly tree. Lehua was heartbroken and the other gods showed favor on her by turning her into a flower on the Ohia tree so that she could be with her lover forever.

The Wet and Dry side of the Big Island

Pele, the fire goddess and the demi-god, Kamapua’a (who controlled weather) struck a deal to separate the Big Island into their control after a battle. Pele took the west side making that part of the Island hot and dry while Kamapua’a took the east half making it wetter and cooler. It is a basic way that ancient Hawaiians put a reasoning to the different micro-climates of the Island.

Spend a day Out at Xel-Ha on You Holiday to Cancun

A Great place to visit while on your holidays to Cancun is Xel-Ha which is considered to be the largest aquarium in the world. Yes, you heard me…aquarium. It is a natural aquarium park that is maintained beautifully and has loads of stuff to do. If you’re the nature loving kind but also like an adventurous, fun time, then Xel-Ha is the place for you. If you’re on an all-inclusive holiday to Cancun and the Riviera Maya then you just have to get out and try this gem of a spot. Believe us, you’ll be tired and content when you leave and you’ll have made memories (and hopefully taken some good photos) that will last a life time.

What Can you Do At Xel-Ha?

Swim With Dolphins

Xel-Ha believes in protecting and ensuring that the natural settings of the marine life remain unchanged. They proudly boast one of the best dolphin programs everywhere. Here is your chance to swim with these beautiful creatures.

Dolphin trek

Enjoy walking on the seabed with the help of modern technology. Even non-swimmers will have the chance to appreciate being with the dolphins! No training required for this AWESOME adventure on the bottom of the sea.


Snorkel and scuba all in one with the help of a snorkel mask, a regulator and a surface air supply. Supervised by professionals, you don’t have to worry and just enjoy a day with the fish.

See Manatees

Aaah, the ‘sea elephant’. Manatees are large, gentle, adorable and harmless creatures. To be in the water or see the manatees up close is truly an honor and one that you won’t soon forget.

Stingray Encounter

Watch the amazing stingray glide along in the water with the help of their amazing pectoral fins. It looks so graceful to see these marine animals “flying with wings” gently through the water.


What would any destination in Cancun or the Riviera Maya be without a chance for some high-end spa treatments? The Spa Xel-Ha will leave relaxed and exhilarated all at the same time.

Zip Bike

A combination of cycling and zip-lining will have you gliding through the air in Xel-Ha with the greatest of ease. Look down on the water, the marine life and your friends and family as you enjoy this new treat.


Relive the ancient tradition of the Temascal in Xel-Há, Riviera Maya. Since pre-Hispanic times, our ancestors cleansed their bodies, minds and spirits with steam baths.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Honolulu’s Chinatown: Where the Cultures Collide (In a Good Way…)

Chinatown in Honolulu is such an important piece of the city and the Island of Oahu that it requires its own website just so people can learn what to expect and to truly appreciate the experience. Chances are that if you’re on Oahu for your Hawaii holiday then you will be impacted by the many Asian cultures that come together on the Island.

You would be doing yourself and your holiday an injustice if you didn’t make a visit to Chinatown during your stay on Oahu.

Attractions and Activities

Holidays to Hawaii will need to consist of visiting Chinatown, with its architecture and the way it contrasts to the rest of Honolulu. While the majority of the city is modernized, high-rise office buildings and dwellings, Chinatown is comprised of single story historic architecture in the style of its Asian roots.

After dark, Chinatown comes alive with the lights, sounds and smells of what you would typically expect. There are some spots of the district that may seem unappealing and you’re best bet is to just follow your instinct. If it looks questionable then there’s no need to go there. Honolulu is a relatively peaceful city and you have no worries but it’s always best to stay safe rather than be sorry.

First Friday

On the first Friday of every month, the shops, restaurants, galleries, museums and studios are open to the public later than usual for the First Friday Festival. You will get live music, street art, entertainment, as well as bistros and pubs that will make your mouth water just by walking by.

Speaking of Chinatown Cuisine…

Chinatown offers all cuisine in the “dim sum” style. Dim sum literally means “touched by the heart”. The style of Dim Sum originated with 10th century Cantonese Society. Much of dim sum cooking is bite sized dumplings that allow the diner to relax and slowly eat to enjoy the cuisine more.

Some notable Dim Sum Style Restaurants in Chinatown, Honolulu:

  • Ruby Restaurant and Bakery is one of Chinatown’s most reasonably priced menus.
  • Mei Sum Dim Sum features Hong Kong Style Dim Sum
  • Char Hung Sut Manapua where you have to try the pork hash!
Chinatown in Honolulu is truly a cultural experience that identifies what Hawaii is all about; a vacation paradise made perfect by the variety and Asian influence.

Why Stay Dry? Get in the Water on the Riviera Maya!

Vacations in Cancun and the Riviera Maya consists of hundreds of miles of coastline, beaches and gorgeous Caribbean waters. You won’t find a better place on Earth that is better for water fun, water sports, adventure and discovery…both on top and underneath the surface. How can you pass that up?

The Riviera Maya has some of the best snorkeling and scuba locations and conditions in the world. And let’s not the forget the fun little hybrid called “Snuba.®” It has the world’s second largest coral reef and the largest in the Americas. Can you imagine the colorful and amazing marine life that is teeming just below the surface?

The Puerto Morales National Reef Park (Parque Nacional Arrecife Puerto Morelos) is largely protected and one of the best destinations for snorkeling around. Not only in the area but in the world. There are also thousands of cenotes, or underground sink holes, that you can snorkel and dive in. This is one of the most unique things to do in the world and an activity that really makes a Riviera Maya holiday stand out.

But if you don’t wanna’ relax under the water then you can get out and do some adventure-filled, adrenaline using activities like jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking (fresh or salt water) and parasailing far above the water. You can gear and instructions from local tour operators and facilitators. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned adrenaline junky-you can do it all. And don’t forget fishing. Get out there and do some fly-fishing, drift-fishing and even go after big sport fish on a deep sea fishing experience. Take a couple of hours and go earn your dinner! You can even have cleaned, filleted and served to you later on at a local restaurant. How is that for fresh sea food?

There’s romance in them there waters, too! Take a day time catamaran cruise or charter a yacht and take a group or your honey to remote Caribbean Islands. The sunset cruises in Riviera Maya will cause love to develop if it isn’t already there, so watch out!

Adventure at Xplor while on Your All-Inclusive Cancun Holiday

The more research that people do about their holidays to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, usually leaves them more flabbergasted by the opportunities and the activities that can be done!

There is one thing to have an all-inclusive holiday at a resort where you can relax, hit the beach, have a spa treatment and then enjoy some cocktails. It is another thing entirely to be able to do all that and then decide you’re going to visit a place like Xplor the next day.

What is Xplor

The story of Xplor started around 75 million years ago when an asteroid came and crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula. A whole bunch of dinosaurs had a pretty bad day that day, but if they had known that their demise would someday leave humans with the chance to experience a place like Xplor in Cancun then they probably wouldn’t have minded that much. (Not that they had much of a choice.)

The asteroid left us with a huge a cave system that has everything from underground fossils to underground rivers. There’s really no other way to explain Xplor than by describing it as: Prehistoric rawness with the luxury and sophistication of the modern world.

What Can you Do at Xplor Cancun?

Xplor-Beyond the Surface

Grab an amphibious vehicle and trek through the jungle, over suspension bridges and into mysterious underground tunnels and caverns. Nothing else like it in the world.

Our wade and swim through the stalactite rivers! It looks like something out of Star Wars! See rock formations of stalactites that were formed over millions of years, drop by tiny drop.

Xplor-El Fuego

After dark, take a zip-line through the lush forest with your way lit by traditional fire torches for an awesome and romantic experience. It’s the highest zip-line in Latin America. Eat your heart out, dinosaurs!

Jump on a vehicle and traverse the great Mayan jungle with rows of torches on each side of you. This the amphibious adventure of the day, however at night. Another great and unique experience.

Don’t allow yourself to miss a day at Xplor on your all-inclusive Cancun holiday. You’ll be sorry if you don’t go and you’ll never forget it if you do. The dinosaurs paid a heavy price for this!

Friday 22 August 2014

Understanding Flora and Fauna on your Hawaii holiday

Interesting fact for your holidays to Hawaii - It’s crazy to think about today, but, over thousands of years Hawaii’s native flora and fauna evolved and developed with no natural predators. This means that they developed with no thorns, poisons or camouflage as natural defenses.

fter their formation and onward, the Hawaiian Islands were near lifeless. Thanks to the ocean waters, winds and birds that traveled there (some 3,000 miles non-stop in the air) the Hawaiian Islands would eventually be covered in a carpet of rich, thick jaded green.

In fact, when the first settlers arrived in Hawaii there were no reptiles, bugs, amphibians or mosquitoes. Additionally, there were only two endemic mammals on the Hawaiian Islands at all, the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Hoary Bat. Incidentally, the Hawaiian Monk Seal almost became extinct in the 19th century.

However, the climate on the Hawaiian Islands (and particularly all of the micro-climates) make it possible for many forms of fauna, flora and animals to thrive on the Hawaiian Islands.

As the flora and fauna developed and evolved they became endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, meaning you cannot find these species anywhere else in the world.

Notable Flora and Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands

The Silversword of Hawaii

The silversword is actually a member of the sunflower family and just as striking, albeit more exotic too most people. They are endemic to Hawaii, yes, but only grow on the mountains of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Big Island and on Haleakala on Maui. The stalks are often several feet tall with hundreds of purple flowers. Each volcanic mountain that it grows on has its own unique type of silversword.

The Hibiscus Kokio

Known simply as kokio amongst the native Hawaiians, this plant was used as an invisibility aid. It seems that when applied to fishing nets and fishing lines, dye made from the bark of the kokio made nets and line difficult to see for fish.


Ohai was once very common to see along Hawaiian shore lines. It is now increasingly rare to find the ohai, however it is still a favorite amongst lei makers all around the islands.

Ohia Lehua

The lehua was the first and mightiest warrior to enter battle to the ancient Hawaiians. The name for this endemic Hawaiian flower is fitting then since it is commonly the first growth visible on a barren, volcanic mountainside.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Communicating with locals on your Hawaii Holidays

Do You Want to Learn to Communicate in Hawaiian?

Fact: The Hawaiian language is not known or spoken anywhere else in the world. That means that if the Hawaiian Language were to go extinct in Hawaii…then it would be lost forever. That’s some pretty serious stuff.

The unfortunate truth is that the Hawaiian language almost went extinct. Despite the efforts of all who tried to make the Hawaiian language dwindle away into history (the US government included) there has been a rejuvenation of the teaching and learning of the Hawaiian language in the Islands recently.

History of the Hawaiian Language

It is believed that the first settlers to Hawaii arrived in the 4th century AD from Hiva in the southern Marquesas Islands. In 1778 Captain James Cook first arrived in Hawaii and in 1820 a group of missionaries from New England arrived. This would start what was almost the extinction of the Hawaiian language.

The ‘Olelo Hawai’I, or Hawaiian language was tried to put into an English alphabet form by the New Missionaries. However, they failed miserably. They couldn’t discern t from k, l from r, and b from p. So, what was honoruru became Honolulu and ranai became Lana’i.

When the missionaries were done butchering the Hawaiian language it had only 12 letters (a,e,i,o and u along with the consonants h, k, l, m, n, p and w.)

When the Hawaiian monarch was overthrown in 1893, and through the US annexation, the Hawaiian language was forbidden from being taught and proliferated in the Islands.

It was not until the 1970 when a rejuvenation of Hawaiian culture and pride was invigorated in the Islands. In 1978, the Hawaiian language was once again made the official language of the State and by 1987 the public school system was allowed to teach the language, culture and history again!

The Shaka-A Very Different Type of Hawaiian Communication

The shaka is a universal sign of “aloha” in the Hawaiian Islands. You’ve probably seen it before: the three middle fingers of the hand folded down while the thumb and pinky finger remain extended. A little shake of the hand usually goes along with it. Instead of waving in thanks, many people just throw up the shaka and shake it a bit. It’s truly a very unique Hawaiian form of language that only has the specific meaning in the Islands.

The shaka is so much more than “hey” and “howze it?”, though, just like “aloha” means so much more than “hello” and “goodbye”. There are many different stories of the origin of the shaka sign. When you’re on your Hawaii holidays, don’t forget to ask a few residents and see how many different answers you get!

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Hawaii and Las Vegas Twin Centre Holidays

Live it Up in Vegas then Live it Down on Hawaii!
There must be some supernatural, vacation powers at work here! The combination of a two-stop, holiday in Vegas and then in Hawaii seem almost too convenient. On one hand you have Las Vegas, the city where anything can happen and the never shuts down. On the other hand you Hawaii. Any of the Islands offer sun, quiet and relaxation.

The Hawaiian Islands are a perfect place to recover from the fun and non-stop action of Vegas.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas and is FORGOTTEN in Hawaii!

This is the perfect opportunity for Hawaii and Las Vegas twin centre holidays. So, how can you make this work for you? Well, leaving the UK on your vacation puts you in a perfect situation to enjoy this MEGA HOLIDAY.

First Stop: Las Vegas
Spend the first part of your holiday in the heart of the action: Right on the world famous, Las Vegas strip! You’ll have the ability to stay at a variety hotels and casinos to get the full feeling of what a Vegas vacation should be.
  • Take in shows with top performers from the US and around the world, like Siegfried and Roy
  • Feeling daring? Play your favorite games in any of the casinos on the strip
  • Get wild by immersing yourself in the Las Vegas nightlife
  • Take in a motor race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Go on a bus tour that will show you all of Vegas’ historical spots.
  • Lastly, hit up Wet n’ Wild to get relief from the desert heats. (This will also get you ready for the second leg of your holiday!)

Second Stop: Hawaii
This is where you get to relax and recover from your time spent in Las Vegas. You’ll probably need it!
  • Fly from Vegas to Oahu and spend time relaxing in Waikiki learning to surf or paddle board.
  • Or, go directly to the Big Island, Hawaii and take a helicopter ride to see the erupting Kilauea.
  • Perhaps you can fly from Vegas to Maui and do some world-class snorkeling or SNUBA at the Molokini Crater.
  • How about Kauai? Nothing says “relaxation” like a drive along the Na’Pali Coast.

Vegas and Hawaii offer the best in holiday destinations for EVERY walk of life and fantasy that you may have been thinking about for a long time. The time is now! Take advantage and go on a twin center holiday and make the memories that will last a lifetime!

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Scuba and Snorkeling on Your Cancun Holiday

Your all-inclusive, Cancun vacation has a variety of snorkeling and scuba options with which you can choose. First, you can snorkel right off the waters by the hotel or resort that you’re staying at. However, you can also take guided snorkeling tours into jungle waters for a day of excitement and wondrous marine discovery.

Where to Snorkel in Cancun on Your Holiday

  • The southern shoreline of the Hotel Zone near the Club Med and Westin Regina Resorts is the best place to snorkel in the Hotel Zone of Cancun
  • The coral reefs near Puerto Moreles (20 minutes from the Cancun airport) are a much better environment in which to snorkel in Cancun. The reef is much closer to the beach and a great place to go snorkeling on your own.
  • El Garrafon National Park in Isla Mujeres is also a great place to see tons of fish
  • Chankanaab National Park in Cozumel as well as the most of the beaches.
  • Eco-Parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha offer great snorkeling.
  • Cenotes (underwater caves) are also a great way to see a different side of underwater Cancun.
  • The Nichupte Lagoon between Cancun Island and Cancun City offers a fresh water and saltwater mixture of snorkeling.

Best Scuba Locations in Cancun

  • Manchones Cancun Mexico known as “the Great Mayan Reef” in scuba circles
  • Grampin, Cancun
  • Bandera Reef is for more advanced divers but the marine life abound. Sea Turtles and barracuda gather and school in this area.
  • C-58 Wreck isan old ship wreck that is popular with many divers who visit Cancun solely to dive this location.
  • Ceuvas de Afuera where you can see HUGE sea turtles and eagle rays. Awesome.

You can see why many snorkel and scuba enthusiasts will favor Cancun locations over those in southern Florida and Hawaii. There are just so many places with such clear water and a bunch of sea life. Check them out on your Cancun holidays and don’t forget to pack your underwater camera to capture the memories!

Experience the Mayan Ruins and Ancient on Your Cancun Holiday

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the world’s best Mayan ruins. You’re all-inclusive holidays to Cancun are sure to be full of education, exploration and seeing sights that you never thought existed. Most of the resorts and hotels in the “hotel district” of Cancun will offer tours to Mayan Ruins, as well as those in the Riviera Maya.

Don’t forget to bring a camera and your learning cap. Once you set eyes on some of the wonders that were created back in the ancient Mayan civilization you’ll want to capture those memories forever.

Details About the Mayan Ruins and History

Historians break down the Maya development into 3 distinct eras that range over 2,500 years. The Mayan Empire was huge! It covered a large area in Central and South America and reached the height of its power between 250 and 900 AD. The empire covered areas around Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

The Mayan culture produced some of the finest specimens in the archaeological world to include: temples, pyramids, observatories, palaces, and ancient ceremonial sites. Incidentally, the Mayan calendar, which ended in the second decade of the 21st century was of such significance in the modern world that many speculated whether the world would end when the calendar did.

What ancient secrets did the Mayans know?

Thankfully, the world didn’t end and we’re all still here to go and visit the wonderful world of the Mayan culture. The greatest thing about Mayan architecture was that it was so well and precisely made. This is one of the factors that contribute in many of the ruins being in such great condition today, so much that they’re really not ruins at all.

Here’s a closer look at one of the more visited Mayan ruins in Cancun: Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza covers around 3 miles of area and literally means “Mouth of the Well”. It was built in the late classic period of the Mayan civilization which puts it being constructed between 800 and 1000 AD. Chichen Itza contains the Pyramid of Kukulcan as its center piece.

When you’re on your all-inclusive Cancun holiday, be sure to take your family or your sweetheart to the Mayan Ruins and enjoy the genius and beauty of an ancient civilization. Enjoy the resort, the beaches, the restaurants and the shopping but don’t miss out on something that you may never get a chance to see again: Ancient Mayan Ruins in Cancun, Mexico.