Tuesday 26 August 2014

Adventure at Xplor while on Your All-Inclusive Cancun Holiday

The more research that people do about their holidays to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, usually leaves them more flabbergasted by the opportunities and the activities that can be done!

There is one thing to have an all-inclusive holiday at a resort where you can relax, hit the beach, have a spa treatment and then enjoy some cocktails. It is another thing entirely to be able to do all that and then decide you’re going to visit a place like Xplor the next day.

What is Xplor

The story of Xplor started around 75 million years ago when an asteroid came and crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula. A whole bunch of dinosaurs had a pretty bad day that day, but if they had known that their demise would someday leave humans with the chance to experience a place like Xplor in Cancun then they probably wouldn’t have minded that much. (Not that they had much of a choice.)

The asteroid left us with a huge a cave system that has everything from underground fossils to underground rivers. There’s really no other way to explain Xplor than by describing it as: Prehistoric rawness with the luxury and sophistication of the modern world.

What Can you Do at Xplor Cancun?

Xplor-Beyond the Surface

Grab an amphibious vehicle and trek through the jungle, over suspension bridges and into mysterious underground tunnels and caverns. Nothing else like it in the world.

Our wade and swim through the stalactite rivers! It looks like something out of Star Wars! See rock formations of stalactites that were formed over millions of years, drop by tiny drop.

Xplor-El Fuego

After dark, take a zip-line through the lush forest with your way lit by traditional fire torches for an awesome and romantic experience. It’s the highest zip-line in Latin America. Eat your heart out, dinosaurs!

Jump on a vehicle and traverse the great Mayan jungle with rows of torches on each side of you. This the amphibious adventure of the day, however at night. Another great and unique experience.

Don’t allow yourself to miss a day at Xplor on your all-inclusive Cancun holiday. You’ll be sorry if you don’t go and you’ll never forget it if you do. The dinosaurs paid a heavy price for this!

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