Thursday 21 April 2022

Santa Barbara Holidays

When it comes to a Santa Barbara holidays, the first things that comes to mind are its gorgeous beaches and soaking up in the sun. However, the so-called “America Riviera” has more to offer. Santa Barbara is situated at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains and California’s coastline. The city boasts several historic landmarks, picturesque hiking trails, miles of sandy coastline, and upscale boutiques. Unfortunately, many visitors mistake the Mediterranean-style town to revolve around the sea and sand. However, there is so much the city has to offer to people of all interests.

Here are some things to do during Santa Barbara Holidays.
Take a Hike to Inspiration Point
One of the most popular activities to enjoy as a family in Santa Barbara is hiking. Enjoy a hike with the whole family to Inspiration Point for a breathtaking encounter with nature. There are two different hike trails to choose from to reach the Inspiration point. The shorter trail is about 3.5 miles to and fro and starts on an easily paved road for almost a mile before reaching the steeper point. Jesusita Trail is a longer trail and stretches for about 7 miles with steep points in some parts. Hiking to Inspiration point makes for an exciting family adventure in Santa Barbara.

Buy Fresh Seafood at the Stearns Wharf
Buying fresh fish at the Stearns Wharf is one of the exciting things to do as a family during the Santa Barbara Holidays. So, if you feel like relishing some fresh homemade seafood, go to Stearns Wharf early in the morning and wait for fishing boats to unload their catch. Have fun with the family choosing and buying fresh fish straight from the boat. It is cheaper, and you get to enjoy choosing your food. There is also wine tasting, an aquarium for kids, and plenty of other activities around the harbor. We do not recommend staying past mid-morning since it tends to get crowded with tourists.

Go for Santa Barbara Classic Wine Tours
One of the surprising things about Santa Barbara is the number of wineries based in the town. Although there are many tours available, we suggest that you go for the Santa Barbara classic wine tours. Both locals and tourists tend to commend the tours guides, food, and wine. It usually takes up to 11 participants and goes through at least three different vineyards for wine tastings, and when there is time to spare, an extra of olive tasting. In addition, the tour includes a picnic lunch at one of the vineyards. Some of the vineyards you should expect to visit include; The Brander Vineyard and Roblar Winery and Vineyards. You can book your tour any day of the week. Tip; There are different Santa Barbara Wine Tours, and each tour offers a different take on what makes Santa Barbara vino outstanding.

Enjoy Seafood at East Beach Grill Restaurant
If you have been considering what beaches to visit in California with the least crowds, then you probably know that East beach is perhaps the least likely to be crowded. We recommend enjoying a family meal at the East Beach Grill after spending the afternoon swimming, playing beach games, and soaking in the California sun. The East Beach grill is a remarkably family-friendly restaurant with generations of regular customers. Sample some of the restaurant’s seafood and other delectable dishes on the menu.