Monday 30 September 2013

Universal Studio Halloween Horror Nights

Right ... So Halloween Horror Nights fans who have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Universal Studios to reveal "ALL" during its HHN Reveal Week but instead find themselves quivering for one more 
Haunted house announcement that is guaranteed to be a shocker! 

During the process of a few weeks Universal decided to share a few details about four houses making the Halloween Horror Nights to a total seven astonishing detailed mazes for "HHN 2013". 

 So you think the scare is over? You're Wrong... Universal keep surprising everyone in which just one of their posts online explained...

 "Seven houses and one terrifying street experience have been revealed… but it’s not over yet.  Which house are you most excited about? We're excited to tell you about the 8th house."

The magical horror journey will continue to surprise ALL so keep a wide look about for the reveal of the" 8th househere at Charter Travels Facebook.

So let`s roughly go through the seven houses identified so far, bearing in mind they will excite you 10x more in real life but you will be pleased to know that Four of the buildings are from licensed properties, such as previous horror films. So you can settle for exquisite attention to detail and the aesthetics will be unbelievably realistic!

I see from Twitter and various other social feeds that three buildings are original to Universal Orlando so expect...the unexpected and book your holiday today with Charter Travel - Florida holiday Experts.

  • Afterlife - Well here Death's Vengeance 3D features a serial killer, the electric chair and the hereafter. Universal says "You will go on Bobby's journey from 2,000 volts to where his victims have patiently waited." 
  • An American Werewolf in London - Based on the 1981 film, this will have a facade/entrance based on the Slaughtered Lamb pub seen early in the film. John Landis even brings us some truly original themes throughout so expect numerous sightings of the werewolf in the crazy house of thrills and scares. "Its many appearances in the maze are completely articulated puppets!"  
  • The Cabin in the Woods - Based on a recent film that ripped the horror genre inside out this night is packed up like sardines with interesting and various creatures that we expect to see in "real life", yet only in our wildest dreams.
  • Evil Dead - Well expect pure tingles down your spine in this fascinating classic movie remake. "Our scenic and decor teams are absolutely top notch ...This maze IS the movie in every way!" 
  • Havoc - Derailed is an original yet sequel house. In the past: An experimental super soldier program known as the Dogs of War went horribly wrong. Today: The soldiers are being transported by train and something goes horribly wrong. "The battle will begin in the claustrophobic confines of train cars ... then derailment into an all-out war amongst the twisted wreckage."
  • Urban LegendsLa Llorona -- "This maze will involve water effects, video projection and aesthetically it's just gorgeous to look at." Looking forward: We chose not to subtitle the maze but instead give it the header of 'Urban Legends', I am sure this is because Universal is hoping in coming years to use it more?
  • The Walking Dead - Based on the AMC television show, returns for a second year at HHN. The house itself is larger with new content and the "Walking Dead" also overflows into the streets in a big way, taking control over the entire zone so remember to watch your back at every turn... 
Halloween Horror Nights runs for 27 select nights between Sept. 20 and Nov. 2. For more information, go to - Terms and Conditions Apply

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