Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Emerald Island Villa Resorts Offer the Perfect Florida Break

There are plenty of great accommodation options to choose from in Florida but the Emerald Island Villa Resort is a gem. This gated community allows you to enjoy the comfort and benefits of a Luxury home while being situated close to all of the major attractions in Florida. These villas are around 3 miles from Disney World, meaning you can drive there in 5 minutes! The villas are also ideally situated for many of the other theme parks and attractions in Florida so no matter where you are going to, you won’t have far to travel.

The location and style of these villas ensures that they are the perfect accommodation all year round. There is always a reason to head to Florida and staying in these villas will provide you with perfect opportunity to relax and make the most of your stay. With many people booking their summer 2014 Florida holidays at the moment, these villas are the ideal location to stay in at this time of year. Being so close to the main attractions is of great benefit but the beauty of the resort and the freedom of having your own villa will ensure that you can get the best of both worlds.

These villas create the perfect base for Florida exploration

While there are many fantastic attractions on the doorstep of the Emerald Island Villa resorts, it can be of benefit to drive a little further and get to see other theme parks and attractions. By going a little further, you get the chance to experience theme parks like Lego Land , Busch Gardens and Airboat Rides.

Lego Land is a perfect theme park to visit if you have younger children. The park is geared towards youngsters but one of the things about Lego is that it often appeals to so many of us. Adults have a great love of Lego and you may find that you spend as much time getting excited by the Lego creations as your kids do! The magic of Orlando allows everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time, no matter what attraction you visit.

These villas are ideal for children

Finding the right accommodation is crucial, especially when you travel with children. A villa provides a greater degree of freedom and it is possible to suit yourselves. The Emerald Island Villa Resort is one of the most highly regarded villa resorts in Florida. No matter what element you are interested in when evaluating accommodation, this resort wins hands down.

There is a wide variety of villas on offer but no matter which villa you choose, there is something for all of the family. The children’s bedrooms are often themed, so your kids will love their room, which is always a big factor for parents. With LCD TVs, DVD players and game consoles provided in most villa's, there is even the opportunity to have some quality family time together when you need a break from the business of the theme parks.

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