Thursday 26 February 2015

There is something for everyone at Yosemite

Located just a few hours east of San Francisco lies one of California’s most outstanding and beautiful national parks, Yosemite. Well known for its waterfalls, it is an outstanding area of nature where you will find great gulfs of forest, deep valleys, glaciers and ancient giant sequoias (which can live up to 3000 years old!). The tallest waterfall in North America is situated in the park, named Yosemite Falls. It has a stunning 2425 foot drop where it’s flow peaks in May.

It was Abraham Lincoln that acknowledged the fascination people had with the park and set legislation up to protect the park amid the civil war which is the reason it still stands today in its glory and refinement.

The History of Yosemite stretches way back to 500 million years ago and erosion and weathering continue today to create the many fascinating faces and facades of the park. The mountains are still said to grow at least one foot every 1000 years.

The trees of the park have been in existence since the beginning of history on the western world. For example, the Mariposa Grove’s Grizzly Giant tree is over 2700 years old.

Wildlife in the park includes Bears. Commonly cold Black Bears, statistically very few are actually black. You will more so find the bears range from brown to cinnamon and blond (of course, if you were to come face to face with one, I am sure the colour would be the least of your worries!). The golden eagle is a common sight along with the great grey owl. Deer, squirrels and sheep make up some of the other wildlife you could see in the park. There are statistically over 90 breeds of mammals in the park.

Within this beauty, there are many activities you can choose from. Whether you like to hike, climb, backpack, horse ride, bird watch or winter and water sport activities, there is something for everything here at Yosemite. So whether you do it in a day or take a few days out in the park staying at one of the Lodges (which is recommended), I challenge you not to be overwhelmed by the sheer vastness, tranquillity and elegance of the park. Its importance in nature cannot be underestimated and is firmly underlined by UNESCO and it’s classification of the park as a World Heritage Site.

Finally we have putting together a well thought out Yosemite itinerary which will include both California and Nevada as a memorable flydrive package holiday

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