Tuesday 22 December 2020

Our top three destinations for weddings and honeymoons are Florida, Hawaii and the Maldives.

 We were recently asked to comment on our top three destinations for weddings and honeymoons, a tall order to isolate just three as there are so many beautiful and unique destinations we could list for that special occasion, but based on the volume of passengers we book to our top selling destinations we had to choose, Florida, Hawaii and the Maldives.


Florida for our couples whether tying the knot in the land of magic or taking their honeymoon with Mickey and Minnie, we have found in recent years that Florida holidays have become not only that trip of a lifetime for couple with children but also a popular destination to begin your lives together. When asking some of our special couples the all-important question why choose Florida over so many other beautiful destinations there seems to be a reoccurring reply. “We want to be able to show our children where we went on our honeymoon and to take them there so we can all share in our special beginning”. Families are at the heart of Florida and a beautiful beginning to the start of your family journey can become a reality in Florida.


Hawaii honeymoons have always been regarded as one of the top honeymoon destinations, and rightly so for the explorer, the adventurer and those seeking beautiful beaches in abundance. Our Hawaii specialist has a passion and love of the islands having been many times can offer advice of the ways in which you too can visit Hawaii and her islands maximising time and seeing as much as possible, from waterfalls to beaches, to scenery like no other to the best restaurants to visit while spending time on the islands, a personal favourite being Mama’s Fish House after exploring the Road to Hana trip on the island of Maui finishing in this beautiful restaurant offers some of the best food and atmosphere. Each of the Hawaiian Islands is different with a different vibe and suited to different tastes, we will take time to understand your wishes and plan your trip from start to finish and more in-between.


For those seeking for their wedding or honeymoon solitude and blissful relaxation, with picture perfect backdrop of sea, sand and blue skies then the Maldives may be your dream destination. Maldives holidays are known for their pearl drop islands spread across the Indian Ocean, each island has its own characteristics but they all bring the beauty and tranquillity of relaxation and escaping to a paradise like no other. The Maldives is an incredibly beautiful romantic destination for you to begin your lives together

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