Tuesday 9 December 2014

Things to do on Oahu Hawaii

A Glimpse of O’ahu

Travelling has been perceived by many as a greatest investment of all. Spending money for valuable experiences is indeed priceless. Travelling has been characterized as a source of happiness and contentment that material things cannot ever give. Through travelling, one will be able to appreciate how wonderful life is and realize that the world has so much to offer. You can get to visit many places, meet new people, understand others’ cultures and traditions which will make you fathom that despite its complexity, life is a wonderful gift. One of the wonderful gifts that exists in this lively world is O’ahu Island in Hawaii.

O’ahu Island is the third largest Island in Hawaii and is considered as the most populous among in the entire state. It is popularly known as “the gathering place” which is derived from the word itself. O’ahu Island offers so many breathtaking sceneries as well as many splendid Oahu attractions that travelers must visit. These scenic views include Pearl Harbour and USS Battleship Missouri, Bishop Museum, Hanauma Bay, Nature Preserve, Polynesian Cultural Centre and many more. You may also want to try Shark Tours, or just simply enjoying the superb view and soothing breeze of the Island. Let’s try to portray each of these places’ beauty that will surely excite you.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a lagoon found in the west part of Honolulu. Much of the surrounding lands and harbor are the US navy water naval base. It serves as the US Pacific Fleet headquarters. It has a historical significance as it marks the start of the US involvement in World War II. Whether you’re historically inclined or not, this is a place that you should stop over since it enriches the sense of ancient nostalgia that every earthly soul can feel.

Bishop Museum

If you want to see how rich the culture of the Island is, visit the Bishop Museum as you can see different collections of the Polynesian arts and some natural history specimens. The paintings are great and must-see! Moreover, the museum is the largest museum in the Hawaii with an extensive collection of more than 13.5 million specimens. The place is accessible as it can be reached through a public transit.

You can also try exciting adventures if you want some extreme activities like the ATV 4 Wheel Drive Tour. You can also take pictures with them. On the other hand, if you are not fond of some adventures, you may just walk along the island and enjoy the scenic view of the sunset or sunrise. You can try wandering in the Hanauma Bay. The beach is fantastically amazing as you can see the rich beautiful sea reefs and other sea creatures. After seeing how beautiful the bay is, you will be persuaded to swim and try snorkeling that will make your trip utterly absolute.

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