Wednesday 7 April 2021

Greek Island Holidays

Greece holidays offer such an iconic landscape full of rolling cliffs, turquoise blue waters, historic ruins, dramatic volcanic landscapes and lovely locals. There are many Greek Islands to visit, and many visitors love to combine multiple islands and ‘hop’ around to make the most of their Greek get-away! The mainland, Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos (Zante), Corfu, Crete and Kos are some of the most popular destinations within the Greek Islands and offer so much beauty and culture that you’ll find something new and amazing to do on each island. 

What to expect in Greece / the Greek Islands:

  • The Greek islands offer a very laid back and relaxing lifestyle/ culture with plenty of amazing food and sights to soak up.
  • Locals in the touristy areas of the island’s will likely speak English, though if you choose to hire and car and travel inland to some of the amazing idyllic local villages (which we really recommend you do) then learning a few Greek phrases may come in handy. 

Getting around Greece / the Greek Islands

  • Many of the Greek Islands will have their own airports that accept international / internal flights with Corfu being one of the largest with in the Greek Islands.
  • Travelling between the islands may not be most economical by flight and those who want to hire a car, and those who don’t, can travel between the islands via ferry.
  • Tip: Scheduling these flights/ ferry journeys can get confusing and that is where booking with our expert consultants here at Charter Travel will become essential. We will be able to navigate the flights/ ferry journeys and their scheduling for you and craft an amazing itinerary so your holiday to Greece is hassle free! 

Best bits of the Greek Islands:

  • Best beaches: Naxos and Paros
  • Best natural beauty and dramatic landscapes: Crete
  • Best romantic setting: Santorini
  • Best nightlife: Mykonos and Ios
  • Best known and most iconic accommodation: Santorini
  • Best place for a luxurious stay: Corfu
  • Best for culture and historic finds: Rhodes, Crete and Kos, Athens (Mainland) 

Navigating the Greek Islands, of which there are over 600, can be difficult on your own and knowing which island is best for what you are looking for can be a challenge. That is where our Travel experts here at Charter Travel come in: our travel team can help to narrow down your choices based on your budget, expectations and requirements. Our consultants will plan you your perfect itinerary based on your requirements creating you a fabulous, hassle free, holiday to Greece.


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