Friday 5 July 2024

2025 Florida Holidays - Stay at Paradise Palms Resort

For a memorable and budget-friendly family Florida holiday in 2025, consider the townhomes at Paradise Palms Resort in Orlando. This modern resort, conveniently located near Disney and Universal, offers exceptional facilities and spacious accommodations that cater to families of 6-8. Here’s why Paradise Palms Resort should be your top choice for a villa holiday.

Close to Disney and Universal Studios

Paradise Palms Resort enjoys a prime location just a short drive from two of Orlando’s most famous attractions: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. This convenient proximity allows you to maximise your time at the parks, whether you’re exploring the magical lands of Disney or the cinematic wonders of Universal Studios. The ease of access to these top destinations makes Paradise Palms an ideal base for your Orlando adventure.

Advantages of a Townhome Stay

Choosing a townhome at Paradise Palms Resort offers numerous benefits, particularly for families looking for a cost-effective and comfortable holiday option.


Townhomes are a more affordable alternative to traditional hotel / villa accommodations, especially for larger families. By opting for a townhome, you can enjoy a luxurious stay with all the amenities you need, without the hefty price tag associated with booking multiple hotel rooms.

Ample Space for Families

Paradise Palms townhomes are designed with family comfort in mind. These spacious units feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring everyone has their own private space. The fully equipped kitchens and large living areas provide a home-like environment, perfect for relaxing after a busy day at the parks.

Resort Amenities

Paradise Palms Resort offers a wide range of facilities that cater to all ages, ensuring a fun-filled and relaxing stay.

Enormous 5,000 sq. ft. Pool

The resort’s massive 5,000 sq. ft. pool is a highlight for guests. Whether you’re looking to cool off with a swim or lounge by the poolside, this expansive area is ideal for family fun under the Florida sun.

Fun Water Slide

The exciting water slide is a favourite among guests of all ages. This thrilling feature adds an extra element of fun to your pool experience, providing hours of enjoyment.

50-Seat Movie Theatre

For a relaxing evening, visit the 50-seat movie theatre. This cozy venue is perfect for family movie nights, offering a selection of films that everyone can enjoy.

Modern Fitness Centre

Stay active during your holiday at the resort’s state-of-the-art fitness centre. With a variety of equipment available, you can keep up with your fitness routine effortlessly.

Entertaining Game Room

The fun-filled game room is another great feature of Paradise Palms Resort. With arcade games and more, it’s a fantastic place for family members of all ages to have fun and stay entertained.

Sports Courts

Paradise Palms Resort also offers excellent sports facilities:

  • Basketball Courts: Perfect for a friendly game of hoops.
  • Sand Volleyball Courts: Enjoy beach-style volleyball without leaving the resort.
  • Lighted Tennis Courts: These courts allow for both daytime and evening play, catering to tennis enthusiasts of all levels 

Paradise Palms Resort townhomes provide an ideal blend of affordability, comfort, and convenience for families looking to explore Orlando’s top attractions. With spacious accommodations designed for families of 6-8 and a wide array of resort facilities, including a massive pool, hot tub, water slide, tiki bar, movie theatre, fitness centre, game room, and sports courts, you’ll have everything you need for a memorable holiday. Choose Paradise Palms Resort for your 2025 Orlando villa holiday and experience the perfect family getaway.

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